Allie Farris Piano Tuning (CLOSED: SEE BELOW)


Allie Farris Piano Tuning

Dear loyal clients and friends,

     It is with a sad heart I must inform you that Allie Farris Piano Tuning, as of today, will no longer be in service. It is a bittersweet moment for me, because I am having to leave not only my business, but my home in Nashville, behind; however, I will soon be getting married to my fiancé and we will be beginning our new life overseas in Switzerland! 

     I am proud of the business I started nearly three years ago, and am eternally thankful to the clients who have come my way and allowed me to extend the lives of hundreds of pianos and help them to sing pretty once again. In Switzerland, I will now be able to pursue my first love of making music once again, a passion I set aside to pursue a business that you helped to make a success.

     I hope you will stay in touch with me going forward; my website is linked just below, and I would love to show you the new things I'm working on from time to time (as well as a few glamour shots of the Alps). Take care, and thanks again.

Allie Farris